What is TRUE by AmBank?

TRUE by AmBank is a digitally enabled banking solution, powered by feedback from the community. It aims to deliver a simple and relevant banking experience to customers through digital channels.

The solution consists of:

  • TRUE Lab
  • TRUE Everyday Banking Kit (TRUE by AmBank Debit MasterCard & TRUE by AmBank Visa Credit Card)

What is TRUE Lab?

TRUE Lab is the premier offering of TRUE by AmBank, which was launched in January 2015.

  • It is a digitally enabled crowdsourcing community platform designed to collate ideas on banking solutions, with the intention to co-create innovative solutions by deliberating and taking into account the collective insights, concepts and ideas contributed to the Lab.
  • TRUE Lab users are referred to as TRUE Labbers.
  • TRUE Lab can be accessed via community.truebyambank.com 

How do I get started?

First, you'll need to register as a member of TRUE Lab

  • Click Register on any page
  • Enter your personal information
  • You'll also receive a confirmation email asking you to activate your account

What can I do on TRUE Lab?

Here are some of the things that users (TRUE Labbers) can do on TRUE Lab:-

  1. Share Ideas – TRUE Labbers will have the opportunity to share an idea based on the question that has been posted (related to co-creation of products/services).
  2. View Ideas – All submitted ideas are viewable by all TRUE Labbers. Other users will be able to give kudo (like/vote) the idea, and even comment.
  3. TRUE Forum – This is similar to any other forum, whereby TRUE Labbers can post a topic or participate in a discussion.
  4. TRUE Blog – This page will feature interesting articles, tips and important updates or announcements about the Lab.

What is co-creation?

Co-creation is the concept of bringing together different parties to customise a unique experience for the customer – this means that you, as our customer, will be able to shape a product that:

  1. will actually be useful for your actual, day-to-day needs
  2. you can truly take pride in, considering your input was used in constructing its building blocks
  3. could potentially become the new way for banking in the future

How do you crowdsource ideas?

TRUE Lab members are encouraged to voice their thoughts and opinions on product features and banking-related matters. A panel of judges will then determine whether the idea is feasible and applicable to TRUE by AmBank product offerings.

Where can I submit an idea?

The Ideation Corner allows a member to leave their ideas in any of the following 3 (three) pages:

  • Customer Experience Ideas – Ideas to improve customer service in the banking industry.
  • Community Ideas – Ideas that keep the community more in line with trends and interests.
  • Product Ideas – Ideas that can help improve and shape our current or future product offerings.

How can I view the status of my idea?

When a TRUE Labber posts an idea, it may go through five stages of an idea cycle. These stages include:

  • New Idea – A new idea has been left in our ideation corner.
  • Under Review – We are looking into the feasibility of implementing this idea as part of our product offering.
  • Accepted – We have accepted your idea and we're in the process of finalising the launch details!
  • Launched – We have implemented and launched your idea.
  • Unspecified – Your idea may not fit our requirements, thus it has not left the drawing board.

What are the sections in TRUE Forum?

TRUE Forum contains five distinct sub-categories:

  • The Young Professional Bistro – A thread dedicated to lifestyle needs and topics ranging from travel, hobbies and events to traditions and culture.
  • Products & Services Zone – This category is all about information regarding CASA (current and savings accounts), credit cards, fixed deposits and banking-related technology.
  • Finance and Money Matters – Learn financial tips and money management skills.
  • Everything about the Community – This is a thread where TRUE Labbers can chat about anything they would like, amongst themselves.
  • The Speaker's Corner – This is a space where members can vent their frustrations about the banking industry.

I have a great article in mind that I'd like to share… can I post my own article on TRUE Blog?

e do not accept guest articles for now, but we are open to contributions in the future.
If you'd like to share your writing, please email your article to true4me@truebyambank.com and our friendly TRUE Agents will look into this matter.

How can I find out more about TRUE by AmBank Products?

Visit www.truebyambank.com for more details about the TRUE Everyday Banking Kit.

How can I access help tips related to TRUE Lab?

For more information on TRUE Lab member privileges, access and settings, please visit our Help Page.