"Banks hardly ever listen to us. Or try to know what we want."

That's what we often hear. Thankfully though, that's about to change.

At TRUE by AmBank, we hear you. We know that many working professionals today want their opinions heard. We understand your need to explore and discover your TRUE potential – in your career or life's interests.

Now, TRUE is here to do just that. It's an exciting digital platform where working professionals, like yourself, can come together to co-create and collaborate – by voicing your views on financial matters that affect you. So that together, you may each achieve your TRUE potential in life.

Join us, as we embark on the TRUE journey towards shaping the ideal bank to suit your future needs.

Tell us your needs

We listen

TRUE LAB: Staying TRUE to You

Enter TRUE LAB – the first, banking crowd-sourcing platform in Malaysia.

We're a growing community where working professionals engage online in passionate discussions, as well as share ideas and financial tips. We're about inspiring each other through knowledge, expressing and exchanging thoughts on matters ranging from money management to lifestyle pursuits!

Say hello to this brand new, enriched banking experience – pumped with real-time assistance from a team of friendly TRUE agents, who'll be in touch and in tune with you through social media.

TRUE Lab. More than a Bank, We're About Your Experience, Your Community.

Your TRUE Journey begins when you sign up for the TRUE Everyday Banking Kit: a set of helpful, financial tools for your day-to-day banking needs.

Here, you can share your thoughts on our banking products via TRUE Lab. With your feedback, we can construct the TRUE Debit MasterCard and the TRUE Visa Credit Card to best fit your needs!

Essentially, our products – together with TRUE Lab, work hand-in-hand to help you get the most bang for your ringgit. So, get on board TRUE Lab now to meet like-minded people who share a common goal – to shape the future of banking to your needs!

Who We Are

From marathon runners to passionate travellers and avid Instagrammers — we're a pretty lively, mixed up bunch here at TRUE Lab!

What we share in common, beyond our individual skills and personalities, is the belief in delivering a product that's changing the way working professional Malaysians bank right now.

Let's get to know the TRUE Lab team a little better now…

Nivvie Moderator, TRUE Lab

Nivvie's ultimate goal is to take over the world – but since that's not happening soon, she uses her wit and wisdom to churn out content for TRUE Blog, and to moderate the TRUE Forum. She also helps out with the creative aspects of TRUE Lab.

Agent A Moderator, TRUE Lab

Agent A doesn't have a 9-to-5. She has a 24/7, 365. Not only does TRUE Lab keep her busy – from monitoring the forums to making the occasional contribution to the blog; she spends the other half of her time curating content for the 'TRUE by AmBank' Facebook page.

Evidently, TRUE Lab is made up of a fabulous team of personalities who enjoy living passionately. Feel free to chat with our TRUE agents; even if it's just to say 'Hello'! And stay tuned, as we update our members' list in TRUE Lab.