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: ‎26-02-2015

Re: What makes your Mum special?

My mum is really special, precious and dear to me! without her, i am nothing. i am everything i am due to her tender, loving, care, guidance and support Smiley Happy i wrote this specially for my darling mama Smiley Happy



You are the light of my life,

Guiding me through life,

Without you I will be lost.


Thanks for all the sacrifices you have made,

Thanks for all the endless love you shower me,

Thanks for all the support and confidence you have in me,

I love you now and forever!


lot's of love, hugs and kisses,

from your darling daughter - ME! Smiley Happy

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: ‎08-05-2015

Re: What makes your Mum special?

by Dee on ‎08-05-2015 09:55 PM
My Mum always takes the extra mile to always look presentable at all times - regardless who she is meeting, she's very friendly and nice to everyone she meets, she always tries her very best to be a good natured person and spread kindness to others and lastly she likes to smile. These are the qualities which makes my Mum very very special Smiley Happy
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: ‎02-03-2015

Re: What makes your Mum special?

To some, mothers are like their best friend, heroin, sisters right from the start.
But to me, my mother was not like that.

The first year she left her hometown for the first time, away from her loved ones, away from her green beautiful small town to move to the city with my father, she had a hard time adapting to the "new life".

It was also the same year I was born. Unlike my other siblings where help was around and surrounded by familar faces. She had to handle it alone mostly at home. After I was born, she suffered from post trauma syndrome and I was born underweight, difficult and different.

The lack of physical & mental emotions took a long time to develop. But over the years, thru ups & downs of life. Thru thick and thin, we tasted it all. As the saying goes life is about experiences - there were sour, sweet, bitter and spicy. And thru it our love grew just like our garden. 

Thru our differences, we learn to fill each other and helped each other out. My mother does not enjoy cooking thus I learn from a young age to cook various types of dishes and together we go out dating to taste different types of food - Middle Eastern, Indonesian, Korean, Mexican, French and many more; each of it were like our own adventures travelling to those countries!

I am also extremely proud that since young, I am blessed with tailored made clothes, bedsheets and household items all because my mother are blessed with handicraft skills and is a good tailor. All these items are handmade with love thus lasted longer. Every night I sleep on the pillow case and quilt blanket made by my mother & her mother personally. It is made out of our recycle clothese material, beautiful, colourful with various types of cloth patches our family has worn.
Simple, comfortable, safe & easy to love. These are priceless treasures in my heart & life Smiley Happy

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: ‎13-04-2015

Re: What makes your Mum special?

Well, describing how special my mum is such a difficult thing to do. The reason being she is someone that I feel has impacted my life significantly. I come from a humble beginning and since I was young, I have always been taken care of by my mother. My father was never in the picture. So, my mum worked hard day and night to put food on the table. When things got really tough, she would always make sure that we are well taken care of sometimes even at the expense of her own needs.


Now she is in her 50s and she is still spending her energy to care for me and my siblings. I think my mum is the strongest woman that I have ever met in my life. Through her I learn to be the person I am today. Someone with excellent work ethic and hardworking. My mum always told me that nothing comes easy in life and I have to work to get something. 


So, thank you mum for being a great role model in my life and I am so happy that I can celebrate you as the most wonderful mother during this auspicious day. I love him mum!

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: ‎07-03-2015

Re: What makes your Mum special?

<div class="lia-message-body lia-component-body">
<div class="lia-message-body-content">hi everybody! Firstly i wanna wish Happy 1#Malaysia Mother's Day. Actually my mom is so amazing and special mother in my life. All her kindness and sacrifies,love and caring is the most valuable compare to the other things in the whole world. And,the most specials about my mother is when Allah gives me to her as a special present on her birthday when i was born on the same day to her date of birth. 18th May is a birthday for both of us and I will always remember this and wishing a good happiness to her until i die. Thanks God because makes me special for her and also makes her very special to me in my truelife. Its so wonderful!</div>
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