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: ‎05-03-2015

Re: What makes your Mum special?

she always know what i need..when i sick she know what i want ....she take care for me and cook what i like to eat.mommy u are the best.i love u mommy.Smiley Very Happy

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: ‎24-12-2014

Re: What makes your Mum special?

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My Mum is an angel to me. It begins with my birth, she brought me up through my childhood with love and teaches me all the good personal attributes to whom i am today. There are so many reasons why my Mum is so special to me. Among all are the followings:


1) When i was stuck in my drawings in school, she would rescue me on how to complete my drawings by showing her artistic side.


2) When it is raining like cats and dogs outside the house, my Mum would get the towel ready to wipe off when I get home.


3) When there is something bad happened to me, my Mum would be there to hug and give comfort.


4) She would think about all the varieties of food to cook for dinner and get it ready before i am home.


5) Most importantly, she would be there when i need her all the time.


My special kudos goes to her. Happy Mother's Day.

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: ‎18-12-2014

Re: What makes your Mum special?

What makes your Mum special?


well, its bit hard to answer this. all and every mother have their own trait and believe it or not, theres no way to compare or to say that my mum is better than your mum bcos i didnt exp what you guys exp!


but, i am very glad my mother is my mother. because why? well duh at first, shes the one being taking care of me since i was a baby (duh). she will provide whenever we need something. shes the one supporting whether ups or down. she still loves and forgive me when i did wrong and the list goes on.


to make my mum is special is, she works as teacher for about 20-30 years already. when i tot my mum is scary when shes mad at home, she is scarier when at school. when i tot shes caring at home, she always will be at school also. she share it with her "school-children". and sometimes i feel a bit jealous when i see most of her students really likes/loves her and i feel now i dunwanna share my mum with you guys. hahaha..shes a great mum and teacher in my eyes.


sorry for the long post. feeling emotional a bit bcoz long time didnt go back hometown Smiley Sad

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: ‎26-02-2015

Re: What makes your Mum special?

My mum is special because she loves me with all her heart. It’s hard to put it into words because my mom does so much for me. She cares for me when I’m sick. She cares for me when I’m hurt. She cares for me all the time no matter how I feel. For all I would like to thank my awesome mom.

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: ‎11-02-2015

Re: What makes your Mum special?

Remember the time my elder brother needed to fly over to KL from Sarawak for his further study, at the time when AirAsia was not around, our mother secretly sold her wedding golds to just get anough fund for the air tickets.


We are from a poor family, our mother has been teaching us to study hard for a brighter future and leave the monetary worry to her. And we did. We did study hard and have a brighter lives now. We did leave the monetary worry to her. Now we realise of her sacrifices.


Is she special? Yes, indeed. She is special not only by her sacrifices over monetary terms, but over the spirit in her guiding us to become who we are today. Once she told me when I came over KL also, that, do not worry about her, just fly and soar and not letting her to be my burden.


Whenever i think of this, i shed tears. I hope one day I could help her to realise of her own dreams.


Mum, I love you. May God bless you abundantly.

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