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Inspirational women

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Happy International Women's Day!


Everyone has an idol whom they find inspiring. She could be a well-known leader, or she could be a close friend, or could even be a celebrity they look up to and aspire to be one day.


For me personally, I look up to the three most important women in my life, the three who I grew up with - my late grandmother, my mother and my sister. Although each different in character, all three have one thing in common - strength, courage and the will to fight for her right.


My grandmother was the eldest of ten siblings, and grew up during hard times. She was born in 1919 so she's seen it all - from the Japanese occupation, to the independence of Malaysia, to the steady growth towards Vision 2020. Up to her very last day, she was always a fighter. So extremely feisty.


My mother is a sensitive soul. She is the epitome of what could be defined as a "home maker." She raised her four children (me being her youngest and the one who was spoilt the most Smiley Happy ), she cooks like an international chef, has a passion for handicraft and sewing, has a group of lady friends I have grown to know as Mama's best friends and loves gardening. BUT (and this is a big but), she is extremely protective of her children (and now grandchildren) and will not back down from a fight when it's something she truly believes in.


My sister, who is the eldest of us four siblings, is 14 years older than me. She was always a step ahead and I always saw her as the cool one. She's quiet, and always deep in thought. But her silence is not something that should fool anyone. A single mother to three children, she is a spirited soul who will make no hesitation to walk away from a fight that she knows will benefit from all to win.


I can truly say that I took a piece of each one of them and I am who I am today because of them.


Tell me, which woman in your life plays or played a big role in your life?


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Re: Inspirational women

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Great topic @Agent_A! The women in my life who were a big inspiration to me include my mother, my close high school friend and my former boss. My mother is a very good cook and she enjoys life's little pleasures. While I'm closer to my father, I do admit admiring my mother's tenacity and determination to make a living in another country, when she could have lived a pampered, easy life in Malaysia.

My close high school friend is very dear to me as she's achieved a great career as a psychologist practising in the US at a young age even though she faced immense difficulties growing up without her parents. She shouldered the cost of a master's degree and a PhD (!!) all on her own and I have been impressed with her strenght and conviction since we were teens. This shows through great adversity, one can achieve anything through hard work, vision and determination.

Lastly, my former boss founded a medical billing company at a time when most billing practices were owned by large corporations. Originally a one woman show, my former boss accumulated clients with her affordable fees and high quality work resulting in a multimillion mid-size company with over 150 employees and three branches in one state. A great outcome for a gal who had to overcome prejudice and naysayers!

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Re: Inspirational women

Taylor Swift (besides mother around the world), she is a great singer! Her talents popped up since 2010 and this is why she's so influential. I guess she does struggle in her love life so all her songs can help young couples or etc feel what she's trying to say.

Nothing much but I felt her presence into the music world is very contributive. Say hello to this very inspirational women! Smiley LOL

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