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Fun Survey! Managing Your Finances in College/University

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Hi TRUE Labbers,


Are you a fresh grad or have you been in the workforce for a couple of years already? As young professionals, we may look back at our university years with fondness or relief that we got past all the exams, late night hours studying, and hectic course schedules!


We want to know how did you manage your own finances during your uni years? Students are known to be thrifty as they need to cope with a meagre allowance or part-time pay cheque and that means stretching their ringgit to the last cent!


As a uni student in the States, I had a part-time job but had to manage expenses such as car payment, health insurance, tuition and books.  One thing I wish I had as a uni student was a debit card or credit card that gave me cashback or discounts for buying food at the various restaurants and cafes on my campus. That would have been a bonus to my food and entertainment monthly budget! Another thing that was not common in Malaysia is that in the US, college students can be the primary holder of a credit card...this was great if you have to use a credit card to book reservations/hotel stays but bad if you're not savvy with your money!

What about you? Is there a certain financial product you wished you had (besides more money!) in your uni years? Do share your opinions or take our fun survey below! Smiley Very Happy




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Re: Fun Survey! Managing Your Finances in College/University

Hi @nivvie!


Wow...uni seems like such a long time ago. I was fortunate enough to study in Melbourne, Australia and came back with a Diploma and a Bachelor's Degree. I lived right next door to campus so I didn't have to spend money on transportation other than when I would travel to the city or the other suburbs. Alternatively, I could just walk everywhere because in addition to trains, there were also trams that I could just hop on to get to my destination.


I didn't have a credit card (and thank God too!), but I was given an allowance by my parents on a monthly basis to pay for utilities, rent, food, etc. The good thing about being Malaysian there is that the government provides health insurance. Although it was just a basic one, I was lucky enough that I didn't fall ill often or that I never required any serious care from hospitals or clinics. I remember that the cost of calling an ambulance or the fire department was something like 700AUD each visit. I know, crazy right!


During my stay there I only had my ANZ account which was my everything - my debit card, my EFTpos, and my link of cash flow. I thought about getting a job but the process of applying as an overseas student was wayyyyyyy to tedious. So I never bothered and instead had a tight budget. Each month, after paying the necessities, I'd see what I had left for food and entertainment and work around there. Of course there were times when I went off budget (too much shopping perhaps? Smiley Happy) but all I did was "ikat perut" till the next allowance would come in.

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: ‎17-03-2015

Re: Fun Survey! Managing Your Finances in College/University

Hi @nivvie


I managed my uni life by having part time jobs. I made sure I allocated enough time to do my hw/ revision and made sure i had a job that could sustain my "makan" life. Hhaaa, don't want to be too left out when there are birthday celebrations that might somehow be costly. I made sure I worked enough and play enough.


What i do wish is that we have a card or some kind of benefit that will give us more discounts when it comes to food, stationery or even clothes even. Hope that Ambank can come out with a card for students with many features/benefits in it. A 10% or 15% discount really does go a long way Smiley Happy 

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