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Revamp of AmGenie mobile application

Status: New Idea
by hong_323 on ‎06-05-2016 10:14 PM

Dear True team,


i recently downloaded AmGenie mobile apps. I just find the look and feel is rather outdated. The UI is still iPhone 4 which is already 5 or 6 years ago design. Besides, the user friendliness and response is somehow not as par as other bank'smobile apps.  Is there a plan for revamp? I know to revamp the entire apps requires major efforts I hope Ambank could prioritize it as part of the the bank digitalization roadmap Smiley Very Happy



Status: New Idea

Hi @hong_323,


Actually, AmBank is planning something special in the upcoming months in regards to the mobile app. We can't reveal too much right now but do stay tuned for more news on this development! Thanks for your continued feedback and support! Smiley Wink

Hello there,


TruebyAmbank credit i believe is targetting on GenY and millenials and generally i think we are tech savvy and very much into mobile and gadgets. I thought it would be great if True credit card able to offer us exclusive discount/rewards/even rebate on mobile/computer/gadgets etc items that we purchase. 


3% rebate with cap of RM30 for online transaction to me is not attractive. If possible 5% of rebate with cap of RM50 per month would attracts me more. Smiley Happy Playing online games is so addictive and i hope we can get more rebates with online coin/credit purchase.  How abt other purchase can give us rebate too ? For me personally i do not like holding too many cards. Best is one card for all usage. Just a 2 cent thought and thanks for reading. Smiley Very Happy




The yearly enrollment in Erican College are pretty high. Imagine if our bank can give a special offer for those student who open saving account in Ambank, aren't that is a very good idea?


The enrollment and turnover student volume are very high due to the college had offer prenty of short term courses for foreign students in Erican College. There need bank account for TT or transaction. Not only foreign student, local student will need bank account for that too.


If we are able to get the deal with Erican College management to let Ambank be the panel banker, sure our business can grow better.

New AmBank True Pay App

Status: New Idea
by SheanYi on ‎31-12-2016 03:45 PM
Hopefully by launching TRUE AmBank Pay can give more convenient for contactless transaction by tapping with mobile devices with NFC wireless

Buy 1 Free 1 for movie ticket

Status: New Idea
by cassidy on ‎19-06-2016 02:25 PM

Dear TRUE team,


i would like to sugeest buy 1 free 1 on movie ticket. Watch movie in cinema will be a good hangout with family and friends. It will be an attractive benefit of cardholder. 

Status: New Idea

Hi @cassidy,


Thank you for submitting your idea! A few months ago, we ran a campaign promoting RM8 GSC movie passes on Fridays when customers paid online through Visa Checkout but I think your buy-one free-one would be an attractive benefit as well!


Our panel of judges will determine the feasibility of your idea so do keep visiting TRUE Lab to check on your idea status! Smiley Happy


Hi @C-realsolutions,


Thanks for your feedback and for voicing your opinion! If you have any other ideas, feel free to suggest them here! Smiley Very Happy