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Banks run multiple programs throughout a year be it cash back, dining deals, shopping offers, you name it. But sometimes, we may miss the opportunity to enjoy it if it doesn't come timely for us.  


For example, there could be a really awesome deal at this lovely restaurant but there's no occasion to go for it. Or it's cash back month now but we just splurged on shopping the month before. 


So here's a thought. Wouldn't it be wonderful if as a community, we're able to vote and decide when we want those deals to happen? 


Cos maybe it's more timely to have dining offers during Christmas or Valentine's period. Or cash back program to be running during mega sales period when we get to enjoy even more discounts thanks to TRUE by AmBank Smiley Happy


Yay or Nay?


Status: Under Review

True Savers withdrawal alert

Status: Under Review
by cklimm on ‎14-07-2015 11:27 AM

Most of us here know that the True Savers account charges RM5.30 for the 4th penalty onwards, like it or hate it, it is an efficient way to make us think twice before doing withdrawal.


To make it even more efficient, do make a pop up windows whenever the account holder is performing withdrawal like: "This is your 3rd withdrawal in June, you will be charged RM5.30 next time." "This is the 4th time you doing withdrawal, you will be charged RM5.30!"


By doing so, we all can have an instant knowings about how many withdrawal already, instead of clicking for transaction history =)

Status: Under Review

The yearly enrollment in Erican College are pretty high. Imagine if our bank can give a special offer for those student who open saving account in Ambank, aren't that is a very good idea?


The enrollment and turnover student volume are very high due to the college had offer prenty of short term courses for foreign students in Erican College. There need bank account for TT or transaction. Not only foreign student, local student will need bank account for that too.


If we are able to get the deal with Erican College management to let Ambank be the panel banker, sure our business can grow better.

New AmBank True Pay App

Status: New Idea
by SheanYi on ‎31-12-2016 03:45 PM
Hopefully by launching TRUE AmBank Pay can give more convenient for contactless transaction by tapping with mobile devices with NFC wireless

The True Saver with Budgeting

Status: Under Review
by jamesevil on ‎06-11-2015 10:33 PM

I guessed AmBank provide the "True Saver" (high attractive rate which similar with the deposit rate) was a purpose to attract people to save the money in their accounts. There were a win win situation (People get high rate return in saving account and Ambank keep more money) so the main concern on this product would be "high saving rate" & "Keep more money".


After reviewed few topics below, I have found some ideals.


1) Auto FixD Saving Account Mechanism. by kelvinyeo2001

2) TRUEly Rewarding Savings by superkennylim

3) The True FD by hong_323

4) Card Features for Ambank True Debit Card by nursaedy


If the true account have an auto FD facility with different reward rate (based on the following) and the transaction account will be easy the user to do their budget planning.


True Saver

1) True Saving

         0 - 10,000: 2.8% p.a

10,001 - 30,000: 2.9% p.a

30,001 - 60,000: 3.0% p.a

60,001 and above: 3.1% p.a


2) True FD

- FD with auto placement from True account with certain period of renwal which set by the owner. the rate of FD may same with the convention rate and there was addition reward to the saving account. For example,


for 12 months

500 - 1,500 : + 0.5% p.a to True saving rate

1501 - 6,000: + 1.0% p.a to True saving rate 

6,00 - 15,000: + 1.5% p.a to True saving rate

15,001 and above: + 2.0% p.a to True saving rate


3) Style of Saver:

Different Saver may have different style of saving plan, so different style of saver should have different reward when they choose the account type. This style of saver may able to choose another style in an anniversary year if the people want to change their style of saving.


Normal Saver: +0% 

Middle Saver: 1% - no withdrawal in three months

Super Saver: 2% - no withdrawal in six months


True Transaction:

Currently, people are encourage to use the touch n go card and other cashless facilities.


My suggestion is additional account for touch n go portion then people are easy to budget their financial. For example, a person may budgeted as per below:


Saver: RM1000.00

Transaction: RM1000.00

Touch n go: RM400.00

Status: Under Review