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Hi True team,


Just wondering whether is it possible for the bank to launch a co-brand debit/credit card with LRT/upcoming MRT companies ? We have so many public bus/train users and it is definitely a great mass market to explore. 


p/s: I suppose TNG will definitely against this idea because if this is materialised i suppose their business will get impacted. lol..





Status: Under Review

Hi @hong_323


That's an interesting idea. Definitely something to ponder. We've taken into consideration your idea and will work out to see how feasible it is to implement.


Keep those great ideas coming in! Smiley Happy



TRUE needs only one account

Status: Under Review
by khoo280 on ‎01-08-2015 02:46 PM

TRUE should have one account only -- not divided into two accounts, saving & current. Any amount depositted into the account can be used for debit and saving purposes. Any amount that is not utilized may be given interest as saving. Money can be easily deposited into the card with only account. It will be much easier for the card holders to handle their account.

Status: Under Review

Cashback on Fashion

Status: Reviewed
by NatalieL on ‎29-06-2015 04:06 PM - last edited on ‎29-06-2015 06:03 PM by Community Manager

I would like to receive cash back on shopping at certain fashion brands like ie Zara, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins. 


THank you. 

Status: Reviewed

Students Benefits with True Banking

Status: Under Review
by Aarrif on ‎12-12-2015 03:05 AM
I understand how it's like to be a student with so many things that need to buy on every assignments. Especially for those taking design courses and not depending on any educational loans nor scholarships. I used to be one of those students that have big desire to achieve big ambition but zero income saving. I am sharing my idea, we as uni students, our desire is to become a successful intrepeneur in our uni time and not after graduating. We desire a banking product which could make us save more money from the day we step in the university and to have a semester end reward every year like asb/EPF/fix deposits. With a good banking product that have great multiply interests when we score in each semester. Its like a dean reward except this is only for student account "saving with interests reward". With that end semester bonus savings , we could spend the bonus on our next projects to buy new material. If we make student saving account we will receive discounts and other benefits on every educational items and books all around Malaysia to help us gain knowledge. We also desire a kickstarter scholarships from True Banking. We need that kind of supports to develop ourselves for better future. This can be like a dean award by Ambank. Smiley Happy thank you!
Status: Under Review

Hi @Aarrif


Thank you for your idea and your enthusiasm! This is a great suggestion for uni students. Understandably, those taking design courses may have to spend more than desired due to the tools and equipment needed.


We've acknowledged your idea and placed it 'Under Review.' In the meantime, why don't you get your friends and family members to register on TRUE Lab and vote for your idea. The more kudos you get for your concept, the higher the chances of seeing it getting fulfilled!


Do come back from time to time to check the status of your idea Smiley Happy



To attract debit card holders to use their True Debit Card, I suggest for the followings;-

1) Monthly cashback of >1% for  all expenses and max capped to RM50

    - Usually the banks offer 0.5% but there is on bank offer the cashback of 1% with max capped to RM30

2) More privilages and rewards

    - Ambank teams need to aggresive to find familiar merchandise for better discounts / rebate e.g 10%-20% rebate for every purchasement at their shop / restaurants.

    - The merchandise offer must be familiar to Ambank customer e.g Secret Recipe/Tesco/Shell, not the restaurants/shop that we did not know their existence / small shop but can be put in listings for debit cardholder's more choices.

3) Cash advance offer in Debit Card (but please offer in very smalll amount e.g RM300.00)

    - There is one bank offer "MyPal" to their debit cardholders with cash advance of RM200.00. A RM200 convenience line on standby in case of emergency when their account has insufficient funds and of course, there is small penalty will be imposed by bank if they using this feature. 

4) Debit card linked to Touch N Go and Mastercard Paypass

     - The payment shall be made more faster.

5) Points for every expenses (e.g RM1 = 3 points)

     - From the total of points obtained from all expenses, the card holders can change to  items / vouchers.


If ambank can offers all of the features above, i really love to use this True Debit card : ) Please makes equal offer to your debit and credit cards.



Status: Under Review

 Hi @nursaedy


Thank you for your idea and your enthusiasm! These are really good suggestions. We have acknowledged your idea and you'll notice that it has been changed to "Under Review." Get your friends and family memebers to register on TRUE Lab and vote for your idea. The more kudos you get, the higher the chances of seeing it fulfilled!


Do come back from time to time to check the status of your idea. Or check out our TRUE Blog for awesome articles and TRUE Forums for other discussions Smiley Happy